The 5 circles here represent the 5 star level of service that CCAM promises to uphold. The concentrics circles start small but progressively get bigger
The circle also looks like a thinking bubble which can hold within itself an idea and we at CCAM hold ideas up to the highest esteem. We believe ideas not only change the world but it defines who we are and where we stand as individuals and a race.


Creative Content Association Malaysia (CCAM) is an industry led government funded association of the leading content creators in Malaysia formed in 2012 for the express purpose of promoting and exporting local content and creative services to overseas markets and international broadcasters. This will be done by utilizing the latest digital technology, creativity, as well as by exploiting the unique cultural of Malaysia.


CCAM was established with the following objectives:

  • To support the government efforts in the international marketing of Malaysian creative content.
  • To discuss and disseminate information, potential market opportunities, and current news related to the creative content industry.
  • To provide views, procedures, policy suggestions based on that which will be introduced by the Malaysian Government to assist creative content producers in increasing their efforts to export local content abroad.
  • To develop strategies in the short and long term plans to increase the quality of content of members and to market them regionally and internationally.


CCAM’s mission is as follows:

  • To collaborate with Developmental Agencies like FINAS, MDeC, SKMM and Matrade.
  • To research into and penetrate international creative content markets.
  • To assist in efforts to increase the skill and abilities in producing local creative content.
  • To assist in optimising the commercialization and management of the intellectual property rights of local creative content.
  • To participate in content market activities abroad; and
  • To co-organize an annual event for the creative content industry with the aim of promoting Malaysia as a hub for content development.