Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd is a leading MSC Status company specializing in animated contents and multimedia designs targeted at major TV networks around the world. Since established in the year 2005, the company achieved solid track records and produced hundreds episodes of cartoon programs for major TV networks such as Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Al Jazeera, Canal+, ESPN STAR. A fully certified multimedia company by the Malaysia Government and a studio awarded with FINAS Licenses and Treasury (Min. of Finance) Licenses, Animasia Studio is also the first few ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008) animation company. We are a boutique studio providing one-stop solution for the production of digital contents. In addition, our company hopes to contribute our knowledge and expertise in up bringing the standard of Malaysian animation to international recognition.
Animonsta Studio Sdn Bhd is an animation content developer bringing fresh new ideas paired with good values for the international market. Their products feature universal content with a local touch through their entertaining storyline and memorable characters. Animonsta Studio specialises in feature films, TV series, merchandising and other services related to the Intellectual Property business.
Apparat is an independent Malaysian production company set up in 2009 by filmmakers, Dain lskandar Said (Writer & Director) and Nandita Solomon (Producer), Dedicated to telling stories from Asia in collaboration with filmmakers and storytellers worldwide, we have world-class experience and training in international co-productions. Our slate consists of high quality productions for global audiences with feature films ranging from critically acclaimed & groundbreaking to popular classic genre films and documentaries spanning contemporary culture, local tradition, natural and social history genres based on our access to strong characters and stories from across the Asian region.
Since it was founded in 2008, Asia Tropical Films (ATF) has earned a strong reputation as one of the fastest growing media and film organisations in Malaysia. The company's core activities include the production of feature films of various genres, and also providing a one-stop solution for any sort of professional film production services, including feature films, commercials, television series, marketing plans, film investments as well as local and foreign film distribution, among others. ATF set the foundation for the growing Malaysian Chinese film industry by releasing the acclaimed Ice Kacang Puppy Love in 2009. Since the success of that film, ATF has grown from strength to strength, consolidating its position as one of the top film production houses in Malaysia by producing and co-producing box office hits such as The Wedding Diary, The Wedding Diary 2 and Pua Chu Kang The Movie, and even big budget Hong Kong productions such as A+ Detective and The Viral Factor. To date, the company has produced 7 feature films on its own and co-produced 8 other films and 11 TV drama series (most of them with Mediacorp Singapore), as well as 43 commercials and 5 other assorted short films and game shows.
Astro Shaw was established in 1996 and under the Astro Shaw and Tayangan Unggul brand, Astro Shaw main business is producing feature films for the local and regional market. In addition, Astro Shaw also acquires and distributes movies for theatrical and non-theatrical release in Malaysia and the region. Astro Shaw is one of the biggest film producers in Malaysia and renowned as a company that is both innovative and uncompromising on the quality of its films.

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Being one of the few studios in South East Asia still run & owned by the original operators, we pride ourselves in letting our artists have time to think and experiment on all projects we undertake. Even though we are one of the larger post-production houses in Malaysia, we operate as a boutique shop. Two online suites equipped with Flame & Smoke in spacious surroundings allows us to cater for both big and small projects. The focus on complicated effects work is reflected in the choice of our tools. Being one of the only studios relying fully on lioudini as our main 3D package, we are able to create complicated effects quicker and with more flexibility for revisions than other studios. Having a backbone infrastructure based on infiniband with a direct link to our sister companies, we are able to work quickly and efficiently. This also allows us to utilize a shared pool of over 70 CPU's for rendering and processing tasks.
Big Fish Media “BFM" produces the children's edutainment TV programme 'Chichi & Chacha', a children’s program with real life hosts and 3D animated baby animal characters educating children, who are tomorrow’s leaders, through song, dance, storytime, arts and crafts and interactive problem solving. ‘Chichi and Chacha’ was a success at the Istanbul Tv Forum and Fair 2014, and BFM continues to develop and produce quality production for TV.
Clover Sky Sdn. Bhd., formally known as Monstrou Pictures Sdn. Bhd., is a Malaysia based TV production, animation and distribution house that strives to contribute innovative ideas with the latest technology to the world audience. Our mission is to develop unique edutainment contents with cutting edge CGI animations for international audience via both local and overseas broadcasters and other platforms. At present, Clover Sky continues to collaborate with the Singapore based production house Monstrou Studio to produce quality contents which includes 3D animations, live-action programs and documentaries. As the company progresses further in the ever-changing world of television and multimedia, Clover Sky is gearing up to offer specialized services and expertise to the film and advertising industry.
Ed-Online is a dynamic company that create, develop and produce creative content in the areas of learning, communication and entertainment. The company is a MSC-Status company and is awarded as SME100 Fast Moving Company in year 2010. Principal activities include develop interactive and multimedia rich e-learning and courseware for education and training purposes; e-publish and co-publish educational materials; produce and co-produce animation series. In e-learning, we are constantly involve in the development of courseware, e-learning and interactive learning objects for Ministry of Education Malaysia, universities and corporate sectors. Ed-Online also runs a College of art & design to nurture new talents for creative industry. In animation, we co-produced with producers from South Korea, UK and France. Ed-Online is managed by a team of professionals with background in business, accounting, law and education.
Established in 1991. Production and support of film and TV commercials. Created hundreds of local and international productions. Equipment and studio support. Known for its creative approach and ability to turn storyboards into visually stunning films.
Global Station Sdn Bhd is recognized as a major player in the production and distribution of television programs in Malaysia. As a dynamic and aggressive company, Global Station has also embarked into business ventures at the regional and international level, mainly in the field of production and distribution of high quality TV programs and other broadcast materials. Banking on tremendous experience and knowledge of its partners and team who come from various backgrounds, Global Station is a highly resourceful organization. It is on its path to develop into a diversified organization.
Hud Media Sdn Bhd (HHMSB) focuses on producing contemporary Islamic entertainment content. Incorporated in early 2011 by key people with more than 25 years of experience in the content business, HHMSB looks in depth at high quality animation, music, games and other new media applications. Our current project is a family entertainment TV Series named 'UMMI… more stories please' - a new award-winning 3D animated musical series for children between 4-10 years of age. The programme has garnered a strong interest from television stations and distributors across Asia, Africa, MENA region and also the Islamic channels in Europe and USA. It recently won Malaysia's NEF/AWANI Award for Best Animation & Games. UMMI's first season of 13 episodes was broadcast on TV3 Malaysia in June 2013.
I-Insan Multimedia Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 10th February, 2001 with present paid-up capital of RM1.0 million. In 2004, Insan was awarded with MSC Malaysia Status Company under Creative Multimedia Cluster. Insan was originally established as a post-production and creative content company with a mission to become a key player particular in the area of advance state-of-the-art interactive multimedia. This is also in tandem with our aim to support the government vision of making the Multimedia Super Corridor project successful and as the engine of growth for Malaysian economy in the next millennium as well to achieve the Vision 2020. We have evolved to be an internet based business dictated by needs, created out of necessity, devised by experience and perfected by time. Seamlessly combines the cutting-edge information technology & communication, the discipline of management, the science of engineering, and diverse experience in system development.
Inspidea Sdn Bhd is a digital animation company that believes having fun can change the world for the better. We are an imaginative group of people who can create and share compelling shows that entertain and inspire. Our plan is ambitious: to rule the world through animation domination! We can imagine, create and share our way to global control because we are pre-producing, producing and distributing everything ourselves. How do we know we will succeed? Our shows are so good, even a goldfish can't forget about them! In 2006, our show Mustang Mama Football Fever nabbed an award for 'Best of Media & Entertainment' from APICTA in 2006. Inspidea was also one of the producers of Pet Squad which was nominated for a BAFTA Children's Award in 2011.
KRU Studios is a Malaysian media and entertainment company. Founded in 1992 by brothers Norman Abdul Halim, Yusry Abdul Halim and Edry Abdul Halim, members of the popular Malaysian music group KRU, KRU Studios has since diversified and now provides a range of services related to the media and entertainment industry, specializing in both film and tv production and distribution capabilities. With offices and representatives in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and the United States, KRU Studios' new 15-acre (61,000 m2) production and post production facilities, which also includes backlots, was opened in July 2010. It has produced Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Vikingdom and the animation feature Ribbit for the international market. It continues to produce high quality content in-house as well as through collaboration with other partners.
Les’ Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in December 2005 to spearhead Malaysia’s animation industry and providing opportunities for the local graduates to showcase their talent. We are specializing in producing high quality 3D animation with local images but has global appeal. Our main project is to produce a 3D animation film title “Geng: The Adventure Begins”. It is going to be Malaysia’s 1st 3D animation film which is planned to be completed by May 2008. All our products are award winning, the latest being our mini tv series “Upin dan Ipin” which recently won the Best Film (Animation) in the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival 2007 Our efforts to produce the film is basically to assist the government in creating interest to the investors and people in general, towards our animation industry.Animation is a new industry which has been identified by the Malaysian Government as the next economic growth area. It has high potential to generate revenue for the country and create employment opportunities for the people.
LineClear Motion Pictures Sdn Bhd is a movie production house which produces movies for local and international markets. Abdul Latiff Mohaideen is the force behind LineClear Motion Pictures Sdn Bhd. He has more than ten years of working experience in the production of films of various genres, from comedy, suspense thriller, romantic comedy to horror.
Makmur Megah Sdn Bhd is a leading independent producer of quality drama series, documentaries, entertainment series, 2d and 3d animated series for Malaysia and international markets. Makmur Megah primarily exploits TV, home video and non-theatrical rights worldwide but is extending its business interests to include licensing, merchandising, publishing, internet, mobile apps and new media activities.
ASTRO Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (AHSB) Group operates through two holding companies – ASTRO Overseas Limited (AOL) which owns the portfolio of regional investments and ASTRO Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd (AMH / ASTRO) for the Malaysian business, which was privatized in 2010 and is currently owned by Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd/its affiliates, and Khazanah Nasional Berhad.
Media Prima Berhad (Media Prima), a company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia, is Malaysia's leading integrated media investment group. It currently owns 100 per cent equity interest in TV3, 8TV, ntv7 and TV9. In addition, Media Prima now owns more than 98 per cent equity interest in The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) (NSTP) Berhad, Malaysia's largest publisher which publishes three national newspapers; New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Harian Metro.
As a dynamic film production company, Metrowealth is one of the high profile film companies to produce local films in Malaysia. It has produced box office hits such as ‘Mistik’, the ‘Anak Mami’ and ‘Adnan Sempit’ series, as well as highly rated tv programs for the local audience. Throughout the years Metrowealth has become a well-known brand and has successfully launched a channel on HyppTV, an IPTV platform in Malaysia, as well as a similar channel in Malaysia. A company that has also launched the careers of numerous artists in Malaysia, Metrowealth continues to aim for the best and is now a brand that is synonymous with the Malaysian film industry.
Nafalia Corporation Sdn Bhd started business as a production house in Malaysia when it was set up in 2002. Nafalia’s core business is the production and supply of local TV programmes as well as distribution of foreign syndicated programmes. Nafalia produces programme in various genres such as travelogue, entertainment, documentary, cooking, gameshow, sports, recreation, general magazine shows, infotainment, sponsored titles and special shows. Nafalia has also embarked on joint venture productions with foreign TV Stations such as Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB), Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation Nanjing, China (JSBC) and Suria TV, Singapore. Pioneered and led by experienced and highly competent key personnel with excellent supporting workforce, Nafalia is geared to move forward and continue to produce consistently high quality, interesting and unique programmes locally and abroad.
Nuovo Entertainment Frontier is the marketing arm of Malaysia’s New Entrepreneurs Foundation, an organization that supports the development of the ICT and Creative Industry in Malaysia through various strategic programs that is expected to boost the development of the ICT and Creative businesses in the country. In collaboration with the Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT Industry and Entrepreneurs on PUSH Initiative, several programs have been identified and crafted holistically through the input from industry players. The New Entrepreneurs Foundation plays an instrumental role in bridging industry players and the Government. Working closely with agencies and various Government related companies, this concerted effort is crucial in supporting existing, and upcoming programs
Pesona Pictures Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian film and television production company incorporeated in 1993. Initiated and founded by renowned Producer/Director, Shuhaimi Baba, Pesona have since built up a pool of qualified expertise comprising of a dedicated, creative and efficient workforce. With over 15 years of experience behind us, we strive to be a successful creative brand providing the movie, broadcasting, advertising and IT industry with original concepts, creative content and professional management services in line with the progressive growth of Malaysia’s Entertainment Industry. We have also showcased our concepts and products for International Channels such as Discovery and History/Bio.
Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd is Malaysia's biggest production company, producing TV content since 1984 and feature films since 1994, generating over 5,000 hours of TV content and 10 movies annually. Primeworks' content reaches a varied audience across multiple language, ethnic and age groups throughout Malaysia and has also been aired abroad.
We are reputable Production House registered with FINAS (National Film Corporation) and the Ministry of Finance in Malaysia. We are active in the distribution and production of dramas, magazines entertainment programmes and docu-dramas for nationwide broadcast over RTM, TV3, ASTRO and NTV7 since 1992 We also produce for overseas cable and TV stations. The company is committed in producing quality entertainment, educational and informative programmes and feature films in line with the Malaysia government's vision to make Malaysia a developed nation by the year 2020.
R&D Communication Sdn Bhd is a company that started as a publisher and producer of The Malaysia Book of Records. To-date, the company has produced more than 300 episodes of the ½ hour informative-entertainment TV programme. It has also produced numerous TV magazines featuring Malaysian celebrities. The company has also organized the mega show Miss Tourism International.
Sabtham's Vision is a Malaysia based film production company founded in 1999, and it has produced more than 500 hours of critically acclaimed television commercials, telemovies, dramas, music videos, news magazines, documentaries and new media content. Sabtham's Vision, equipped with up-to-date technical and artistic resources and an excellent understanding of the film industry has an unwavering commitment to produce only premium quality programmes.
Shiroku is a boutique production & online hybrid that believes creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exists. Its vision is to see possibilities in every creative journey. Imagination within Shiroku's culture brings about exciting frontiers and inspiring results.
Skop Productions Sdn. Bhd. is renowned for producing many record breaking Malay movies and highly rated TV dramas. Its accomplishment and capability of drawing viewers / audience reflects its identity. Box office hits include feature films like the ‘KL Gangster’, ‘KL Gangster 2’, ‘Abang Long Fadil’, and the long drama tv series ‘Gerak Khas’. With a young creative team forming its backbone, Skop Productions continues to excel at producing quality, mainstream content that is both commercial and artistic.
Julia Fraser holds more than 18 years of experience in filmmaking covering all aspects behind the camera, from producing to assisting directors with their creative vision. Julia founded Tanah Licin Bhd with U-Wei Bin Haji Saari and the company aims to produce feature films for the international market. U-Wei’s films have been showcased in numerous film festivals and the company is currently developing several genre films.
Think Animation! Think Tulus Fikir! Tulus Fikir Animation House is a 3D animation production company, specializing in producing animated content. Established in 2006, Tulus Fikir Animation owns the worldwide distribution rights for, a 3D animated children program, which is currently being aired daily on TV Al-Hijrah, Malaysia’s free-to-air Islamic TV network. The, a doa in a capsule animation program is the first of its kind in Malaysia where it encourages and educates the young muslims to practice daily doa as a way of life. The response towards this program has been encouraging and to date, it has been distributed to countries outside Malaysia namely Indonesia, Turki and Lebanon.
On 16th September 2009, the first Islamic television station in Malaysia, TV AlHijrah marked the beginning of a new era in the broadcasting industry in Malaysia. The primary purpose of this station is to provide a platform to educate, entertain and unite the community through television. It’s content is appropriate for all ages, for Muslims and non-Muslim audience. It produces content in-house as well as partners with other film and tv production companies.
Vision New Media (VNM) is an integrated media production and distribution group at the forefront of creating and realizing the value of content through digital production, post production, animation, media sales, interactive applications and services. Based in Malaysia and supported by regional hubs in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, it is the largest media group of its kind in the ASEAN region.
Studio Voxel is an award-winning graphics animation and visualisation effects studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We provide creative services for audio visual productions such as corporate, marketing and music videos to visual effects for TV and feature film production. We operate on the principle of creative & technical optimisation where creative ideals and technical execution are opposing forces that drive productions to produce the highest quality images from the aspects of both creativity and production standards. We achieve this through the fusion of creative ideas and cutting edge technologies and techniques. Our studio is made up of an ever-growing team who enjoy creating work with an edge that is versatile in handling jobs covering a wide spectrum of media. Large and small projects alike, are a result of principles of critical thinking and design.