Filmmakers shooting with new technology such as new RED camera
Malaysia Film Festival awards the artistic achievements of the local film makers

Malaysia Film Industry

There has been a tremendous increase in the production of multi-media contents including feature films and TV programs over the last 10 years more so after the implementation of the National Film Policy in 2005 and the National Creative Industry Policy of 2011. Funding, Incentives, training programs have been provided to make this sector more attractive for investments and provide more opportunities for industry players.  The focus of the Policies is to develop the infrastructure and ecosystem of the local industry and to be able to create products  of international appeal. The outcome of the Policies has seen an increasing interest in the cinema-going public and rapid growth in production from an average of 12 features a year in 2000 to 45 in 2011. It is expected that there will be at least 70 local films produced and screened in 2012.

Currently, there are 119 cinemas throughout the country with 725 screens and more than 134,343 seats. Total box-office takings for 2011 is RM125 million from the total of RM601.91 million. Foreign films have always dominated Malaysian cinemas, television and home video rental outlets. In 2011 Hollywood films accounted for 62.5% of cinemas admissions while Malaysian films 20.75%, Hong Kong films 12.2% and 4.55% others.

Apart from domestic market Malaysian films are exported to neighbouring Singapore and Brunei which share the same language. Some of the titles have penetrated the Philippines and Indonesian market and, of late, India and South Korea. Some products also found their way into television in South Africa.

The TV programs industry has also seen tremendous growth due to the demand from the growth of satellite TV, Free to air stations as well as the growth of IPTV and cable.

Film Events

The most important film event is the annual Malaysian Film Festival. Backed by FINAS (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia) and usually held in the month of August. The Festival awards the artistic achievements of industry players.

Another event is the Anugerah Skrin TV3 (TV3 Screen Award) which honours the best TV programmes as well as films. This event is organised by the country's foremost private TV station, TV3. Similar in concept, is Anugerah Seri Angkasa (Seri Angkasa Award), organised by the public television station Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). Seri Angkasa Award also includes radio programmes.

Periodically Malaysia hosts international events such as Asia-Pacific Film Festival, the Commonwealth Film Festival and the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival. Beside these, foreign cultural centers such as Japan, France, Germany and Australia also regularly hold their own film week.