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  • Are cookies and Javascript used in this site?
    This website makes some use of cookies and Javascript to provide enhanced functionality. In particular, cookies are used to track your order on the former CCAM Portal site, allow you to log in as a member and to store your most recent search of the programs catalogue, and Javascript is used for navigation rollover effects and page printing functions. If you decide to disable cookies or Javascript when viewing this site, you will still be able to use the site with the exception of the features detailed above, including the fact that you will not be able to order programs via the internet.

  • What about the issue of privacy?
    Information about privacy is available under Privacy Policy.

  • Which browsers are supported by this website?
    This site is designed to appear at its best on a screen configured for 1024 x 768 display using 24-bit or more colours. It supports Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above; Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above; Safari 3.0 and above.

  • What is CCAM?

    The Creative Content Association Malaysia (CCAM) is a MyCreative Content Entry Point Project (EPP) which is being implemented under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) for the Communications, Content & Infrastructure (CCI) sector.

    CCAM is an Association that represents the local creative industry players, aiming at promoting and exporting local content and services to overseas markets and international broadcasters.

    CCAM is registered under the Societies Act of 1966, on 6th October 2011.

  • What is the creative content industry?

    According to the Department of Culture, Media and Sports (UK), the creative content industry is an industry “which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property.”

    In Malaysia, it includes films & TV programs (such as dramas, documentaries, reality shows, sitcom and animations), games & applications, music, performing arts, handicraft, paintings and literary works.

  • What constitutes as creative content?

    Content – as defined in Section 6 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA 1998) – is sound, text, still photos, moving pictures, audio-visual or tactile representation, which can be created, manipulated, stored, retrieved or communicated.

    Although the creative content industry in Malaysia have a variety of categories, for now CCAM will focus on feature films, TV programmes (drama, documentary, etc) and animation.

  • Who can be members?

    Membership is open to broadcasters, content creators or distributors, and other parties deemed relevant to the creative content industry, as determined by the Council.

    There are two types of membership:

    • Ordinary Membership
    • Associate Membership
    Both types of membership enjoy the same benefits. The only difference is that Ordinary Members have the power to vote at general meetings.

  • What benefits can members avail from?

    All CCAM members will:

    • Avail of human capital development programmes i.e. training courses, seminars, workshops and master classes;
    • Have access to market research;
    • Be the voice of the creative content industry to the Government.

  • I am a company whose primary business involves producing creative content. Why would I join CCAM?
    Aside from the benefits mentioned above, CCAM can also represent member companies at international markets and promote their content for them, should the said member company be unable to personally attend event or markets.

  • How can a company sign up as a member of CCAM?

    Download and fill up the membership form. Please submit your completed membership form to Ashniza Suriani (ashniza@creativecontent.my) or Norlila Ali (ella@creativecontent.my) or call our office at +603 7733 2884/85. If you have any problems filling this form, please contact us for help.