Rules & Regulation

Activities in the local film bussiness require government licensing and the products subject to censorship before public release. A foreign production company wishing to film in Malaysia also requires a permit and subjected to government rules and regulations. To facilitate foreign film producers a special one stop center agency known as PUSPAL was set up. PUSPAL is the acronym for Central Agency for Application of Filming and performance by Foreign Artistes, which is under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture (it's Malay abbreviation, KPKK). PUSPAL's main function is to coordinate and consider all applications for filming and performance by foreign artistes and simplify the procedures.


The foreign production company must first appoint a licensed local sponsor (a Production Service Company or Production Host) registered with FINAS, to handle the application procedure in Malaysia on its behalf.

The sponsor's scope of responsibilities includes:

  • Preparing a letter of undertaking and ensuring that the foreign producer abides by the terms and conditions set in thr JK-PUSPAL's (PUSPAL-COMMITTEE) approval letter;
  • Obtaining a professional visit pass for artistes and crew members (referred to by its Malay acronym, PLIK) before filming begins;
  • Ensuring that filming does not take place in security or prohibited areas; and
  • Being present during all the filming session.

A form for this application known as the KPKK/PUSPAL form can be obtained from the Cultural Policy Division, Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture Malaysia or downloaded from the KPKK website at http://www.kpkk.gov.my. Completed forms for submission must be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  1. Immigration form IM.12
  2. Performa Form B (LHDN or Inland Revenue)
  3. Form No.1 Royal Malaysia Custom Department (if filming equipment is brought in)
  4. Script/storyboards/synopsis for each segment/blueprint/treatment

The documents must be submitted at least 30 days before filming begins.